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Find the power of your potential and re-energise your life, work, team, and organisation for good!

“If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask… for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes.” (Albert Einstein)

Interview Podcast

What do neuroscience and quantum physics have to do with stress and performance? How can we learn to energy broker for ourselves and for our teams? In the HR meetup podcast we explain how you can get your feet on solid ground rather than balancing on the edge!




Do you experience

  • Stress and burnout costing you and your company dearly?
  • A wish to re-energise your team(s) and/or the organisation as a whole into full potential, burning for work, not burning out?
  • Wanting to build teams that are conscious, put the organisation and team first, and are well at work?
  • Diversity in your team being a goal but nevertheless you lose staff that are “different”? 


  • A lack of crystal clear vision on what the right path is for your future and what you are really good at?
  • Being a high performer with a zest to expand and yet hitting walls of exhaustion?
  • Wanting to learn how to energy broker for top performance: as a leader, a public speaker, a media representative or simply at work?
  • That you fly best with compassionate, transformative, solution oriented, and hard hitting support?

What we bring

Among the Q3T partners we bring decades of experience in international management, leading transitions, conflict resolution, transformative training, and coaching.

Of the beaten track methods that cause lasting transformation.

What we leave you with

  • Clear direction, alignment, and committment - and the ability to keep renewing it
  • Heightened energy, flexibility, and stress resilience in individuals, teams, and leadership groups
  • In-built mechanisms for "tooling up" for change and supporting people/teams to achieve their best
  • Resources for taking on new challenges, for scaling impact out, and for long-term vitality


  • A crystal clear vision on where you can go from here and how you can ride a “light beam” to get there in your career, education, and self-development
  • Awareness and eradication of the hidden challenges that might be sabotaging your success and well-being

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