Dr Jonathan Beger

has 5 years of experience as academic teacher and 23 years in the management of international non-profit organizations (e.g.  EPLO, Amnesty International, World Vision). He gathered 9 years of experience in leading change management and organisational development programs across Europe. He is an ICF certified professional coach, mediator, and trainer with 20 years of professional training and practice. His passion is for supporting individuals and teams to find their unique strengths, become inspired to perform at their top with ease, and make a step on the beautiful path of transformation. He has delivered more than a hundred days of training in fields such as organisational development, diversity management, career development and potential analysis, or advocacy, presentation, and communication. In the last 3 years he has started to facilitate retreats and individual session in the art of tantra, using energy body work for deeper spiritual and relationship experiences.

He holds a BA (hons) and a MA from Canterbury University, New Zealand and a PhD in Cultural Analysis from the University of Amsterdam.