Dr Jonathan Beger

has 5 years of experience as academic teacher and 13 years in the management of international non-profit organizations (e.g.  EPLO, Amnesty International). He gathered 9 years of experience in leading change management and organisational development programs across Europe. This led to his deep understanding that unless the whole energy system of the organization is looked at, band aids will not create the difference that matters. He is an ICF certified professional coach, mediator, and trainer with 10 years of professional training and practice. His passion is for supporting individuals to find their unique strengths, become inspired to perform at their top with ease, and make a step on the beautiful path of transformation. His methods include high performance coaching, empowering training, constellation work, and energy work. He has delivered more than a hundred days of training in fields such as organisational development, diversity management, career development and potential analysis, or advocacy, presentation, and communication. He is the owner and executive of Q3T.

He holds a BA (hons) and a MA from Canterbury University, New Zealand and a PhD in Cultural Analysis from the University of Amsterdam.

Kat Matina

Kat is a young and driven ICF certified coach coming from the business development background in Fintech industry. Every job in her career has been about one thing - getting outstanding results - whether redesigning operational processes to save costs, developing business in challenging emerging markets, maximising revenues in well-established markets or coaching international professionals to achieve breakthroughs and realise their full potential in life and career.

After successful corporate experiences she created Relaunch Coaching- a professional coaching and personal branding consultancy provider that supports international professionals during life and career transitions and helps to successfully market themselves to employers, partners and clients.

Kat’s passion is to assist people to find fulfillment in their life and career while keeping the balance and achieving outstanding results on the way.

Kat holds M.Sc. in Strategic Project Management from Management School of Politecnico di Milano, she is an author and keen public speaker. Her career, personal branding and motivation advice has been featured on Monster, Dice and EuropeOnline.

Kat works with Nicolas on the Q3T burn out, team effectiveness and stress management programme.



Maik Heyne

Maik Heyne

Maik Heyne works as a trainer on constellation with Q3T.

He qualifies constellation practitioners in Berlin, Germany. His sound teaching in constellation is informed by 10 years of experience as medial coach, Reiki teacher, and astrologer. 
He has 15 years of experience in large and mid-size IT companies (product design, marketing, management).