Here you find a selection of what organisations and individuals have said about my work for them: 


Jonathan coached about 15 of our colleagues ahead of a presentation for a wide Audience. Everyone was very happy to receive his professional advice on how to further improve their presentation skills. We all learned something new ! Thanks to this, we delivered a fantastic presentation the following days to a delighted audience. We would definitely use Jonathan’s services again in the future and recommend his expertise.

Sabine Fetu, Senior Manager Sales Planning, Toyota Motor Europe



Jonathan helped us identify what our strengths are as a team despite us having very different individual responsibilities. We explored the personalities beyond our professional roles and learned to see the added value each individual brings to the group. He organised a teambuilding day which was fun, social and where we could truly connect. At the same time it was a day with clear professional purpose, where the learning was relevant to the specificities of our team and our work.

Frode Fjeldavli, Head of Unit, Financial Mechanism Office, EFTA


I have greatly benefited from being coached by Jonathan Beger. His innovative and inspiring style and methods have created just the right balance between challenge and encouragement, which has greatly helped me further develop my personal management skills and style. In addition, I found him to be a great sparring partner for discussing concrete organizational development, to which he brings great expertise and different approaches. I can only recommend him to other executives who want to see decisive progress of their own potential and that of their organization."

Guntram Wolf, director of Bruegel 


We planned a day out in the woods and experienced a team day in great spirits - thanks to Jonathan and his marvelous ability to bring our individual and collective strengths to light. We learned a lot about how to approach, address and communicate with each other – not in a patronizing but in a natural way.

We are well equipped for the year ahead. Be assured Jonathan, we are coming back and are looking forward to it.

Annabel Seebohm, Secretary General, CPME (Committee of European Doctors) 


With the arrival of 5 new members in our team of 15, our objective was to build trust and resilience among the team. We made huge steps towards this thanks to a playful teambuilding day. Jonathan managed to create the glue between our team members by bringing out to the light the hidden treasures each of us has.

Camille BullotDirector of Operations & Engagement, European Patients' Forum (EPF)


Having understood the different dimension of stress, and notably its biological origin, has helped me to identify and accept it. This in addition to the practical tips we were given during the training gives me a solid basis in my daily professional life to address and manage my stress in a better way. I certainly recommend the training to any colleague.

Marion Le Boulch, Senior Project Manager, Consulting Company


I have been deeply impressed by this stress and energy management training’s quality. It has helped me tremendously to better deal with “difficult” and “demanding” situations, both in my professional life as a lawyer, as well as in my private life. In particular, it was an eye opener as to how I unconsciously contribute to creating these situations; but also provided me with very useful tools as to how to better deal with them. I highly recommend this training to everyone who would like to get some insightful and highly practical training in stress management.

Alexandra von Westernhagen, Phd, Partner, International Law Firm


Coaching with Nicolas Jonathan lead to groundbreaking changes in my relationship and career. In a gentle though determinate fashion he helped me see the difference between how I actually felt about things and how I wished I did. Through creating awareness about just how much everything happening around me depended on the way I looked at it, I found myself empowered to turn things around. It’s more than just making some difficult decisions; it’s also about everyday integrity, kindness and self respect. The meaning of “I think so I am” has never been clearer. It’s freedom, it’s power. It’s awesome.

Jesse Dobbelaere, project developer in residential real estate


Our 17 year old son was having difficulty deciding what he would study following school. He had a few ideas but didn't feel sure enough to apply to university without further advice.

Jonathan was recommended to me by a colleague at work at the beginning of our son's final school year. As there was not much time left before applications for university needed to be sent off, Jonathan 'bent over backwards' to see our son quickly so that he would have the results in time. After giving our son some questionnaires to fill in about his interests and his character traits, they spent half a day together at Jonathan's office and a few days later Jonathan came to our house to discuss his analysis and recommendations in the presence of all of us (both parents were included at our son's request).

Our son received a full analysis of how his interests matched against the requirements of different career paths and which path might best suit his character and academic preferences. Jonathan even went as far as recommending certain university courses that would suit him. Our son felt the findings described him well and as a result felt much more confident about the choices he should make and where they might lead. Filling in the UK UCAS form was quick and easy and Jonathan even came back to the house one more time to help our son finesse his personal statement. All in all it was an extremely positive experience and we would highly recommend Jonathan's services.

Stella Clarke 




I had 2 medial & constellation sessions with Jonathan on two critical unresolved issues, about which I had been stuck for 7 and 4 years respectively, despite my countless action and efforts. In both occasions, I already felt something had been untied experiencing great relief and a sense of balance and grounding by the end of the session. 

Within the period of 2 to 3 weeks since the end of each session, both situations unfolded organically and specially effortlessly in a way that I had ever thought of or imagined!

Jonathan’s intuitiveness, sensitiveness and connection allowed me to immediately trust and allow myself to be fully guided by him throughout the sessions.

Jonathan’s work is powerful, intense and fascinating and I am very grateful for his support and the results of his work. I’ve no doubts I’ll be back!

Mireya PITA, Law and Fisheries consultant, CEO MP consult


Great insights on stress management form a neuroscience perspective; new and different from other trainings. Perfect balance of theory and practice that allows to put concepts into direct implementation.

Charlotte Vancalster, Fintech Company

I was  doing my job but something  was not going right. With the Q3T potential analysis  I discovered what else I can be doing with 25 years of experience and expertise besides burning out my professional  passion. When I implemented that new plan I found so much new energy for my work. My boss said he can hear it in the way I talk. Others see that I have a lot more energy for my life. I bring more of it to my job and take home more each day. 

Randy Rzewnicki PhD, Health policy officer


Dr Nicolas Jonathan Beger coached me from June 2015 until October 2015. We achieved tremendous results during this time. I work as a partner in an international law firm and had just given birth to my first child. I had come to Jonathan because I needed clarity about priorities in both, my professional as well as private life. In particular, I needed someone who was truly able to help me find that clarity and, ideally, also to provide me with courage and positive inspiration.  

Jonathan was able to  provide me with all of this during the relatively short time we worked together. His method provides a unique combination of mirroring your own desires and intentions back to you, as well as providing you with techniques and insight tools in order to keep you balanced and energetic.  

I highly recommend Jonathan's coaching to anyone who has a demanding time schedule and wants to achieve transformation in his or her professional and/or private life within short timescales.

 Alexandra von Westernhagen, Partner, International Law firm UK


What I found helpful about the process was that it took into account a lot of different facets of my personality and passions, and gave a number of suggestions that were appealing. One that stood out was criminologist. The process has also helped me to understand more about myself (how my brain works, what my strengths are, and techniques for helping to address fears and anxieties). And better knowing myself is not only useful for choosing a career but for life in general

James Wilderspin, Young job seeker


I took part in the Potential Analysis at a crucial time for me. I already had a place at university, however, I wasn't certain that I had made the right choice. Participating in this process gave me the opportunity to analyse my thoughts and doubts. I came to realise why I had been doubting certain issues, and it enlightened me on aspects of my personality that I hadn't been consciously aware of. Since this, I have now nearly completed my first year of university and have kept in mind all I learnt in my sessions with Nicolas. This has helped me to open up and be more aware of my strengths and weakness, and what I can excel in. And it has given me the chance to act upon these strengths and weaknesses to my advantage."

Jemima Kellerher, student in biomedial sciences, UK


Thank you for the inspiring workshop. I’ve shared some of the tips with my colleagues and we are trying to inspire each other in sticking to our commitments.

Daan Van der Putten, GUE/NGL

I appreciated the possibility to increase my self-awareness and question my reactions in stress mode. It was good to receive fast and practical tips which help to stop stress from taking you over.

Burnout Prevention Programme participant, European Parliament

The training provided a lot of insights and helpful tools that I think will help me to better structure my work and improve work relations.

Burnout Prevention Programme participant, European Parliament

The training really opened my mind and gave me clarity on my reactions in stressful situations. I decided to be more proactive and decisive.

Burnout Prevention Programme participant, European Parliament




I did 6 coaching sessions with Jonathan which revolved around working on two crucial goals that I determined myself. I very much appreciated the distinctive style of Consciousness Coaching, where you are in charge the whole way through, and decisions are your own. I also valued the time and focus it permitted me to dedicate to looking at my life through a new lens. Being able to set the goals myself, being asked a series of very pertinent questions in order to seek the answers myself with only a light touch guidance and having to commit in each session to taking forward a set of very specific actions before the next session was very motivating. But – as you take the decisions yourself - it results in lasting change – in my case in how I run my life. 

Tanya Cox, Senior Advocacy Manager, Plan International 


I decided to do the potential analysis because I had no clue what to study. Going into it I didn't quite know what to expect but at the end of the process, including talking sessions, a personality quiz and an intelligence structure test, the answers I got were clear, realistic and didn't include any major compromises. The process showed me several options of what to study and more long term, what to do with my life. Through it all, Jonathan guided me with infectious positivity and an easy-going but still determined way which made it not only a tool but a great experience overall.

Frieda Mueller, young student


Dr. Jonathan Beger is a very impressive coach. He was able to help me see and define a new direction for my career. He did so with integrity, compassion and great understanding not just for human nature, but also my nature and way of doing things. I went from 'I have no idea where I should be heading' to 'I know where I'm going, and here are my next steps' in a matter of weeks. I can recommend him to anybody, and look forward to working with him again in the future.

Justus Eiseld, UN consultant


I worked together with Mr. Beger on my Potential Analysis. Thanks to him I understood and got to hear the things that I had felt for years, but could not express in a clear and formal way. Furthermore, I enjoyed the scientific concepts that helped me understand my individual characteristics better. Having undertaken the programme, I now know what the ideal education and professional path for me is. Mr. Beger's humane, sympathetic and supportive personality was of great importance. I am beyond thankful for his help and look forward to show him my progress in the future.

David Braun, student


I am so gratefull to have the privilege to work with Jonathan who is an absolute master! He is furthermore gifted with such a pure and fine energy. All these, in combination to unconditional trust, bothways installed during the consecration, made that I could go in total surrendering. My intention was "to stay in full awareness of all my senses" The energy field opened instantly, I was just conciousness and floated into sensations and pleasure.

Muriel Vanderbauwhede, tantric retreat participant


I want to write a few more words to say thank you, and especially share my appreciation for what you did in the retreat. It was so powerful to see how you have combined third chankra work, tantra and consciousness into a practice that was rightfully labelled an art. An art that brings healing, joy, pleasure and aliveness. I was, and am, impressed. Thank you for bringing this into my world. It is here to stay :-).

Martine van Es, tantric retreat participant


Your energy and body work was incredible. Within a few minutes I was in a pleasure state, completely present, and having deep insights. With you handling me with such care and safety, I could energetically resolve the trauma that has been impeding my relationship and my own power for such a long time. I will be back.

M., energy body work