Executive Coaching

As with all my approaches, coaching departs from and creates the possibility that a client’s power and ability to achieve her/his goals are already fully present and there are no high fly limits outside those the client consciously sets.

Coaching is fundamentally future oriented, departing from what is now and discerning what is needed to get to the chosen destination. It includes and provides the possibility for substantive personal transformation by helping to remove any obstacles that might stand between you and achieving your goals. Particular emphasis rests on a holistic approach to goals and your life in all its professional and private roles and interconnections.


What is special and different here?

In coaching I source the power of transformation and achievement with you, creating energetic support for your endeavours during and in between the coaching session. And I offer methods that leave the beaten, rational, mind focused track and go into the field of energy sourcing – if you choose to. 

If you want to put goals at stake that are worth a real investment, this is for you.

Expect compassionate incorruptibility in getting you there, out of the box methods, and ongoing support for sourcing you!

Your Power, Your Road