Mid career development

 Are you at a point of wondering what else there is to life and work than where you have been so far?

Are you asking yourself questions on how to open up wider spaces for a fruitful and empowering future for yourself?

Are you wishing to find a new job or career path ?


If any of these things are true for you this will be for you!

We start from the position that every human being has a multiplicity of powers available to realize their potential. Each of us has specific strengths. Our specific combination of strengths and potential makes us unique. Life experiences have shaped us and we have gained employable skills throughout our career.

The potential analysis process, in essence, is about determining your specific and unique profile, right now, and what else there is to your working life that inspires and motivates you. What is it that you thrive on? What do you add with your strengths, and what jobs or tasks are most suited to your unique abilities?

The key guidance factor we use for any choice is to play to YOUR strengths. Focusing on weaknesses usually means a considerable time investment and mediocre result, at best. But, investing in strengths help you stand out from the crowd and achieve excellence with a comparable time investment.

Potential analysis is for those who are seeking a new career step, creating a portfolio for their future engagement, or are asking questions around re-orienting their professional life.  

What is special?

The Q3T career potential analysis is a scientific test based process and at the same time entirely different from traditional approaches to career advice for mid and and career seekers. I add a focus on helping you transform your mental space for success, tapping into unused brain power. Together we will create an empowering vision and mission, and you will benefit from a video analysis procedure on this and your core energy state. Expect to be challenged to develop your experience and sense of individual uniqueness and personal strength. 

The promise is: there will be a decision at the end on where to and a picture of the right place!