Potential Analysis Young Adults

Expect to learn how you shine and be met with compassion, appreciation, and clarity. 

"Most teachers waste their time by asking questions that are intended to discover what a pupil does not know, whereas the true art of questioning is to discover what the pupil does know or is capable of knowing." - Albert Einstein

"If you spend your life trying to be good at everything, you will never be great at anything." - Tom Rath

Success on your path is like a right if you are willing to become conscious on who you are and what your 'soul' is calling for. Every human being has multiple powers to realize their potential at any point in their life. Everybody has specific strengths and with that specific combination of strengths and potentials they are unique. And so are you! Potential Analysis is a process of finding out what your specific uniqueness is, what your mission and vision for life is, and how to program yourself for success. You follow an extensive program based on highly inspiring and innovative methods as well as scientifically based testing and evaluation. You will recieve additional accompaniment on your path to the implementation of your new plan and the eradication of any inhibitors on your way to success!

There is nothing more inspiring for me than supporting people to find their best and fullest potential.

The Program

In this process we will spend 3-4 hours together (prepared by a pre-programme process), developing your goals, illuminating your special biography, and teaching you what neuroscience has to say about our success potential. You will then be undertaking scientifically proven and well researched personality, job, and intelligence structure testing. Then I spend about 5 hours analysing the results and researching pathways for yous and we end the process with an inspiring and decisive evaluation session together with a parent/support person that will result in a tangible plan. Afterwards I accompany you in an empowering way through the implementation of your plan.


What is Special

The Q3T career potential analysis is a scientific test based process. Yet, it is also different from traditional approaches to career advice for school leavers. I add a focus on helping young adults to get to know and trust themselves on a different level. And they learn practical, applicable tools on how to transform their mental space for their success, and address any potential blockages. The result is guaranteed. And both young adults and their parents will together take away certainty and calmness about the depth of analysis, the width of consideration, and the clarity of the result being the right one. 



Interested in gaining security for the whole family on what is the right choice that plays fully into the strengths of your daughter/son? Feel free to inquire about the precise benefits for you. Book a free pre-conversation on the page Potential Analysis.