“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” – Henry Ford, Ford Motor Company

"Here’s what you need to know most about leadership: Lead your own life first. The only thing in this world that will dependably happen from the top down is the digging of your grave.” - Stan Slap

Ask yourself?

  • Are you looking for process support that actually produces transformation and let's people progress sustainably?
  • Had enough of providing a trickle of in the end impactless 'capacity building'?
  • Are you willing to invest in preventing burn out properly?
  • Do you want to be individual, team, and organisation invested at the same time and have everybody be capable to re-energise the joint endeavor?
  • Want to truly be more than the sum of the potential within?

Many leaders make a mistake when developing change management processes. They ask 'what it is they need to do to get there'. We will show you how to ask 'who you need to be and how you need to empower yourself and others to get there'.  You will then have a team that is actually 'tooled up' from inward out.

Our programs are off the beaten track

  • they employ methodologies that create consciousness and transformation,
  • they seriously prevent burn out,
  • they are based on quantum physics. neuroscience, and language theory, while staying straight forward, simple, and effective,
  • they move teams from destructive conflict into consciously employing "enthusiasm energy",
  • they turn diversity into an asset,
  • and they teach people how to be responsible for their circumstances and employ their creative power.

The large majority of changes require 'changes in intuitive behavior' to succeed. Yet, astonishingly enough the return of investment in sharing leadership, tooling everybody up, and moving resistance to change into burning engagement for the future, is often not seen as the key investment for measurable return. In reality,  it is the other way round: investing in a process focused on people's consciousness is likely to yield many hundred times the success than any procedural system change can (though they are necessary to implement alongside).

Who are we

The program side of Q3T's offer is in most parts run by Nicolas Jonathan Beger and Kat Matina. We involve development experts like Bob Ward.

We have specific programs you find below and we tailor make the one that you need!

Ready to get into fully employing the individual's and team's full power of potential? If you want to learn how to re-energise enthusiasm for your whole company, this is a powerful way to go.

Burn Out is when you are so busy blowing into the last bit of glowing amber that you forget it is your responsibility to get fire wood. Expect to be challenged here! You will be asked to take responsibility (become response able to the circumstances) and to invest in changing your personal and organisational culture for good.

Understand where you are now on the development cycle. Lead transitions that achieve desired benefits, within resources, and without casualties; muscle up for sailing on the big sea; have crystal clarity on how to build organisational health that lets you spiral up with ease.  

Diversity at Work

Diversity breeds innovation. And innovation breeds business success. Training that digs deeper than just having a diversity policy. Your team is tooled up to be in truly proactive diversity appreciation.

Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Teams can learn that conflict is actually awesome: when it is constructive and when the individual "head radio" is turned off. How to do that is part of the team building program, but we also provide actual interest based mediation processes for teams or individuals.

Walk and Consiousness

Ready for another experience to discover your actual potential while pushing beyond appearing limits?