Presentation Skills Training

Designing a presentation without an audience in mind is like writing a love letter and addressing it to 'whom it may concern' - Ken Haemer

They will forget what you said, but they will never forget your energy and how you made them feel - Jonathan Beger

Everybody is a rocket presenter

One way or the other almost every employee has to present to others: be in within the own team, to clients, or in front of large audience or in Parliaments. Life and online! There are no bad presenters. There are only people who have not yet understood how to make their unique personality the asset of being a presenter. A good presentation needs skills and many tips and tricks how to construct a presentation, how to prepare, and what slides to use. An excellent presentation, however, involves the speakers full energy and enthusiasm capital. A great entry, a clear message, a great exit and your unique enthusiasm energy strength is all it takes in the end.

A powerful two day training

This program has been successfully delivered in dozens of companies over the last two years. More than 95% of participants have rated it 10 our of 10. Why? It included all the tips and tricks they were looking for, is centred around practicing, practicing, and practicing again, and spend the whole second day on unleashing the best energetic potential of everybody with respect and love for exactly who they are.

What I offer

Two day group trainings with maximal 12 participants, individual training lasting 4 hours, or preparing a team ahead of a specific business conference planned.