Stress and Energy Management

Burnout happens when you are so busy blowing into the last bits of amber that you have no time to get new fire wood. Your brain uses every ounce of energy to blow and fire wood seizes to exist for you. It is not about rest time or four square meals, it is a stress induced depression, caused by suppressing vital life energy. The stress tunnel, induced by our hyper-connected work world takes your brain on a ride and once you are in it, no exit can be seen. Yet, all is energy, as Albert Einstein said, so changing the type of energy flowing through your brain allows for doors to open in the tunnel. There are actually simple and effective methods for everyday work place environments. And the more in the team know about it the higher the team re-energetization will become.

Jonathan Beger

The Problem

High stress at the workplace is the number one cause of decline in employees’ performance, engagement and productivity. The “wrong” stress undercuts innovation and creativity by fixating brain neurons on problems, instead of solutions. It increases absenteeism, mistakes, interpersonal and inter-team conflicts, which in the end negatively affects overall results of the company and its culture. Furthermore chronic stress often leads to burnout, which usually affects your best, most dedicated high performers and staff in responsible positions. 

A study carried out by Securex, a major payroll and HR management company in Belgium, found that in that year alone the estimated cost of missed work days due to stress totalled EUR 10.8 billion.

Medical research shows that it is never just the work environment that is responsible for good stress management of employees. For effective change we need to understand what modern hyperconnectivity does to our brains, how we function on stress frequencies, and how to respond to them with very simple work adapted methods. 



Great insights on stress management form a neuroscience perspective; new and different from other trainings. Perfect balance of theory and practice that allows to put concepts into direct implementation.

Charlotte Vancalster, Fintech Company

What we offer

The POWER OF POTENTIAL © stress and energy management program is designed to empower individual employees to take up more of their potential in responding to the modern connected work world and their individual constituency vis-a-vis stress experiences. It views stress and our ability to respond to it from an entirely new and different perspective.

 Through a swift, powerful training combined with a specifically designed individual coaching process it teaches simple but highly effective methods for burn out prevention and stress management. It utilises medical research on burn out, business research on effective team connection, neuroscience, and insights from quantum physics. Clients will neither leave with a list of time management habits nor the suggestion to follow a particular school of thought or singular practice. Instead, they will leave with a completely different and liberating understanding as to how our human brain works, what physical energy has to do with that, and how to adapt hands on tools for energy brokering to their daily life and work.

The program is available with a focus on burn out prevention, well-being at work, or on integration after stress related absences. It can be delivered individually or in groups for the training part and will always be adapted to the particular situation of the employee(s) and the company. For this purpose a pre-meeting with the manager(s) as well as conversations on progress in the middle or at the end form part of the program.

The program has been successfully delivered in various business areas, think tanks, the European Parliament, and NGOs, both on a group and individual program basis. It has been tested and rated as excellent by close to 100 individuals so far.


The workshop is focused on three areas:  

  • neuroscience and the pleasure of bus(y)iness (hyperconnectivity, and the connection between structural and individual stress);
  • neuroscience and results from business research on the conditions for effective work between people;
  • individual stressors (brain apps), response-ability at work,  and what energy has to do with releasing stress;





I have been deeply impressed by this stress and energy management training’s quality. It has helped me tremendously to better deal with “difficult” and “demanding” situations, both in my professional life as a lawyer, as well as in my private life. In particular, it was an eye opener as to how I unconsciously contribute to creating these situations; but also provided me with very useful tools as to how to better deal with them. I highly recommend this training to everyone who would like to get some insightful and highly practical training in stress management.

Alexandra von Westernhagen, Phd, Partner, International Law Firm


Thank you for the inspiring workshop. I’ve shared some of the tips with my colleagues and we are trying to inspire each other in sticking to our commitments.

Daan Van der Putten, GUE/NGL


I appreciated the possibility to increase my self-awareness and question my reactions in stress mode. It was good to receive fast and practical tips which help to stop stress from taking you over.

Burnout Prevention Program participant, European Parliament


The training really opened my mind and gave me clarity on my reactions in stressful situations. I decided to be more proactive and decisive.

Burnout Prevention Program participant, European Parliament

Interview Podcast

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