Welcome to Q3T

The Magic of Life Force Energy

We are opening a center near Leuven with the Energy Enhancement System™ in 2024, including individual energy based healing sessions and retreats.

The site is under construction and booking options will be open soon. We work in Français, English, Nederlands, Deutsch.

The stuff from the stars....

“You are breathing all the light of God. You have access to everything you need to function even more perfectly. It is the activation of the light in the core of DNA. The core of DNA is the stuff from the stars. It is the light within us. We are bodies of light and so decades my work was called Body of Light. It is about this embodiment of our light and that's what's good for us. It is very interesting. It's like turning the light back on, and that gives the body the energy to improve anything and everything.”

Dr. Sandra Rose Michael

About Q3T - The magic of life force energy

Welcome to our new center!

We are Linde and Jonathan, together opening a retreat and embodyment center near Leuven as of 1st January 2024. Our vision is to spread the magic of life force energy. For us life force energy, the light in us all from the divine, is the unified source we all are able to tap into - if we allow and embody that of the divine in us all.

We are qualified in coaching, shiatsu, seiki, shamanism, constellation, trauma body work, and tantra. We have been working with people on their self-healing, enbodiment, and transformation capacities, individually, as couples, and in several day retreats for 7 years.

We will open an energy enhancement system center around June 2024. The EE system is a cutting edge technology that uses scalar energy to promote wellness. Get ready to relay and rejuvanate your body, mind, and soul!We are already proud members of UNIFYD.

We will also offer energy based individual sessions during and/or after your stay in the EE-system, as well as overnight stays and retreats.

We come to all our offerings from a deeply caring, spiritual, clear-voyant, and inspirational space. What fires us most is seeing people uncovering their true essence and unleashing their unique potential, bringing their bodies, mind, and soul along in their light journey.

This site is under construction and still refers to Jonathan's work only. It will change into our center site soon. Bookings for the EE system will become available early 2024. You can always contact us directly if your wish for more information.

The Energy Enhancement System - The power that made the body heals the body!

The Energy Enhancement System is an invention of Dr Sandra Rose Michael (Ph.D, DNM, DCSJI). A pinnacle of two decades of research and innovation. The technology generates multiple bio-active waves that are life enhancing energy fields. These waves allow cell regeneration, improve immune function, provide relief from pain, detoxify the body, elevate moods, and assist in balancing right and left brain hemispheres. It also may have a profound impact on your spiritual well-being and the way you relate to others, as well as significantly increasing your energy levels. It works on humans and animals alike.

This technology merges science, body, mind, and spirit to promote higher states of consciousness, health, and self-actualisation. It uses custom-installed computers callibrated very precisely. They generate morphogenic energy fields, including scalar waves, electromagnetic fields, and magnetic fields. Scalar waves are fifth-dimensional, non-linear waves that have always existed and are well-known in astrophysics, geology, and hydro-dynamics. The EE System generates energy fields in a controlled and specific way, which enhances the benefits and the potential of their impact. It interacts with the body's natural energy field. This interaction can lead to increased cellular energy and optimal health potential.

The EE System has been recognised internationally at dozens of medical, scientific, and professional conferences around the world.

If this sounds exiting to you, please check out the beautiful video descriptions of how this all works by Jason Shurka the founder of UNIFYD (our center is a member of UNIFYD) or Dr. Sandra Rose Michael herself.