The serenity of Love embodies a profound Life lived in the Spirit of the Divine
    - Jonathan -

About Us

We are Linde and Jonathan - living our life in unity for love and deep spiritual relating. Together we dreamt of the impossible and made the healing, retreat, training, and embodiment center Casa LoJeMa a reality.

Our vision is to spread the magic of life force energy. For us life force energy, the light in us all from the divine, is the unified source we all are able to tap into - if we allow and embody that of the divine in us.

We are professionally qualified in coaching, shiatsu, Sei-Ki, shamanism, constellation, trauma body work, and tantra. We have been working with people on their self-healing, embodiment, and transformation capacities, individually, as couples, and in several day retreats for 7 years. Jonathan – based on his previous career as manager in large NGOs, certified coach and mediator – runs the business side of Q3T that employs neuroscience and trauma body work informed methods to teambuilding, conflict resolution, presentation skills and stress management trainings.

We come to all our offerings from a deeply caring, spiritual, clear-voyant, and inspirational space. What fires us most is seeing people uncovering their true essence and unleashing their unique potential, bringing their bodies, minds, and souls along in their light journey, gearing themselves for personal and professional success, ultimately healing themselves.



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