The mind that opens to a new idea never comes back to its original size.
    - Albert Einstein -

Wondering where to go and what to do? So many potential options or no idea at all? A potential analysis will bring you to what is exactly right for YOU! 😊

Potential Analysis

Every human being has multiple powers to realize their potential at any point in their life. Everybody has specific strengths and with that specific combination of strengths and potentials they are unique. And so are you! Potential Analysis is a process of finding out what your specific uniqueness is, what your mission and vision for life is, and how to program yourself for success. You follow an extensive program based on highly inspiring and innovative methods as well as scientifically based testing and evaluation. You will receive additional accompaniment on your path to the implementation of your new plan and we will address any inhibitors on your way to success! 

In the PA process you will first fill out a detail especially developed questionnaire. After that we meet in a coaching setting for 3-4 hours together developing your goals, illuminating your special biography, and addressing any potentially blockages on your way. I will also teach you what neuroscience has to say about our success potential and how you can go into alignment with your own ‘mechanics’ (Human Design). You will then complete scientifically proven and well researched personality, job, and intelligence structure testing, after which I spend 1-2 days on analyzing the results and researching pathways for you. We end the process with the core piece: an inspiring and decisive evaluation session together with a parent/support person that will result in a tangible plan. Afterwards I accompany you in an empowering way through the implementation of your plan. 

What is special about the Q3T career potential analysis? On the one hand it is a scientific test based process. On the other hand, it is also different from traditional approaches to career advice for school leavers. I add a focus on helping young adults to get to know and trust themselves on a different level, including the ways their ‘somatic energy’ functions (Human Design). They learn practical, applicable tools on how to transform their mental space for their success, and address any potential blockages. The result is guaranteed for the goal they set. And both young adults and their parents will enjoy this process together. The joint evaluation is an anwesome time together jointly seeing the beautiful potential and leaving with a new calmness about choices and options being truly suitable. 

Price: 1750,- Euros including all test licenses and taxes. To book please contact Jonathan.