The life energy in a body contains enternity.
    - Rumi -

Body Work

Body work goes via your physical and energetic bodies into deep relaxation, stress relief, healing and trauma release, or heart pleasure expansion. It employs very light but deeply energetic touch (or no physical touch if you wish). We choose with you the best fitting combination: Shiatsu, Gaia Method trauma body work, de-amouring, shamanic practices, tantric pleasure energy lines, ropes, or Sei-Ki. It looks for blockages in your body, equilibrating your 12 energy meridians and your organs (Shiatsu TCM), seeking to de-armour your body, potentially releasing and integrating trauma, learning how to move emotions as energy, while at the same time allowing you to experience the finer energies of complete presence to yourself. 

This work is ‘therapeutic’ in nature to ‘heal’, hold and receive you. As we are also specialized in tantra you are welcome to address sexual or intimacy blockages if you so choose. It then teaches you about non-releasing sexual energy in you as life force energy and the body as the temple through which this energy flows. Please note our body work is strictly non sexual in nature between practitioner and client.