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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the different Sessions you offer?

    We offer many different versions of how you can experience the EE-System, Casa LoJeMa, and us. You can book 2-hr, 4-hr, 8-hr XL sessions (on certain days), as well as packages with a reduced price per session. You may stay overnight, alone or in a couple (big double bed), or in a group (maximum 4). Our very special offer is a 24-hour stay (only Tuesdays), where you can really re-charge yourself and enter a deep meditative state. You will receive a free individual 30 min session with Jonathan as part of the 24hr experience. 

  • How does it work and what do I do during an EE-Session?

    In short you do no-thing during the session. You come settle into our extremely comfortable chairs, incline yourself backwards and sleep or meditate. Your phone has to be on flight mode. You may listen to music, but be sure to download it and have headphones with you. There is absolute silence in the room, no talking, walking around, eating. Drink plenty of water before, and there is certainly water available in the room. Allow your body to take over, still the mind (it does not get this anyway), and relax into whatever the energy can do for you.

    The EE-system works with 'Bio-scalar photonic fusion technology'. The Energy Enhancement System™ (EESystem™) generates multiple bio-active life enhancing energy fields, including "scalar waves" which may allow cell regeneration, improve immune function, may provide relief from pain, detoxify the body, elevate moods, and assist in balancing right and left hemispheres of the brain to increase energy levels. This technology, developed over 20 years by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, Ph.D, DNM, DCSJl, uses custom-installed computers to generate an energy field that is “stuff from the stars”.

  • How does the overnight session work?

    The EE-system room at Casa LoJeMa has one beautiful and huge double bed with a sky, special mattrasses and a body forming futon. This bed is reserved for single and double occupancy. Please arrive ca 15 minutes before your overnight session starts. We do not provide dinner nor breakfast and there is no eating in the EE-System room allowed. Bedding is provided, but please bring a towel, toiletries and your sleeping clothes with you. Your phones have to be on flight mode while you are here, so if you want to listen to music still (with headphones) please ensure to have downloaded what you wish for. It is a challenge to give the body 12-hours of rest, seek to use it rather than exiting your system with outside contact or social media.

    We ask you to vacate the room on time, so please start gathering your things ca 15 minutes before the end of your stay. Toilets are accessible during the night. There will always be somebody in the house while you are here. 

  • How does the 24-hour immersion work?

    The 24-hour immersion is a gift of relaxation, meditation, and processing within you for a full day & night cycle. It starts on Tuesdays at 09:00 and ends at 09:00 am Wednesdays (very occasionally we also offer it on a weekend, check the booking site). There are maximum 4 places available for the 24-hour immersion. During the day other people might join for 2, 4, or 8-hour sessions, and if the 4 places are not taken, other overnighters (maximum 4 in total including you) might join. There will be beds available in the evening. Please bring all food you need. There is an equipped kitchen available, but no cooking facility (you cannot cook your food there). Maybe you want to consider doing a 24-hour fast (entirely up to you). The kitchen is behind a curtain in the EE-System room, please be very conscious of noise if you go eat while others are in the center. You need to bring your toiletries, towel, and sleeping clothes yourselves, as well as your duvet and pillow cover, and a sheet.

    In a 24-hour immersion you will get a personal session with Jonathan (though there might be days he is not available) in shiatsu, reflexology, or Sei-Ki. You may also opt for a coaching or medial session outside the EE-System room. 

    Please arrive ca 15 minutes before your session starts and prepare your leaving ca 15 minutes before the end of your session. 

  • Are children welcome?

    Yes they are as of 8 years, very welcome and between 8 and 16 years they profit from a 50% discount when accompanied by a full-paying adult. If you wish to bring children younger than 8 years old please contact us. The effects on children around the world have been shown to be quite impressive. However, as the accompanying adult you are fully responsible for the well-being of your child and that your children never approach the installations. They are very volatile and there cannot be any touch or vibration in front of them. You will have to sign a waver that you understand this and will cover the costs of damage incurred (which maybe up to 100.000 Euros). 

  • Are pets welcome?

    Yes on certain occasions you may bring a pet. Please contact us to hear when that is possible and it is best if you come with other friends with pets that are able to be in the same room. Your pet has to be in a bag/cage that is closed, and if that is not possible be able to rest very quietly (no barking, miauwing). 

    However, as the accompanying human you are fully responsible that your pet never approaches the installations. They are very volatile and there cannot be any touch or vibration in front of them. You will have to sign a waver that you understand this and will cover the costs of damage incurred (which maybe up to 100.000 Euros). 

  • Are you wheelchair accessible?

    Yes we are accessible for the EE-Center for standard wheelchairs. Casa LoJeMa is an old farm well over 100 years old and we were able to create access to the EE-center and one of the toilets (via the yard) with two ramps. Please notify us in advance so we can prepare everything to make your stay with us in the EE-System enjoyable. We are always here to help and support you.

  • Is there parking at Casa LoJeMa? Is there public transport?

    We have a large parking place on the property for easily 15 cars at any one time. Please do not park in front of the house, the parting lot (big gate besides the house) will be open while the EE-center is open.

    We are easily reachable by public transport, the bus stop is right in front of the house for direction Leuven and about 100m down the road for direction Tienen. 

  • What do I need to do after the session and are there side effects?

    The EE-System is an ecologically & environmentally safe system. As far as the research shows the side-effects of the EE-System are positive rather than difficult, more energy, deep relaxation. However, your body de-toxifies and it could be that you feel effects of that in a mild format. Should you experience any after effects that concern you, please consult a qualified medical practitioner and follow their advise. It is not likely that the EE-System causes such reactions, but in any case medical advise is necessary for all diagnosis & treatment. The EE-system is at no point a replacement for advise, diagnosis, and treatment by a qualified medical practitioner.

    Because of the detoxation effect, it is recommended to drink plenty of water afterwards to flush out toxins and to take a detox salt bath afterwards at home with 2 cups of baking soda and 2 cups of sea salt.