Even though the body appears to be material, it is not. In the deeper reality, your body is a field of energy, transformation, and intelligence.
    - Deepak Chopra -


Expansion beyond our 5 senses into the wisdom of the universe is the magic available to awareness. All life is connected through a universal field that we can give many names and qualifications, but that can ultimately be best described as universal ‘consciousness’. Most of us have disconnected ourselves from this understanding, living a life of isolation and separateness. Yet, in our core, we are still an inseparable part of this field of ‘infinite awareness.’ And it can be accessed via medial techniques and embodied constellation.

You are connected to the energy field of everything you were, are, and will be. This includes your family energy going down for generations, the energy of your relationship, your children, or your work place, the shadows and lights, the energy of whatever you were before and your ‘karmic history’.  Medial and constellation work can make all of those connections visible to you. It offers opportunities to shift the energy field by working together with this ‘intuitively knowing’ voice inside of you that knows what’s right for you from a bigger picture point of view. 

Choosing to engage with constellation and medial work has a pre-requisite: being open to experience that there is more to see than what maybe meets the eye. If the existence of energetic connections, and the wholeness of the energy field among us is not your thing then go with our coaching methods. The guiding factor for all personal development is via utilizing your Human Design mechanics on the planes/methods that best fly you to your chosen destination. You can also choose for a medial coaching session online with Jonathan.