“People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.”
    - Theodore Roosevelt -

“I’ve been to Linde and Jonathan for bodywork and later on for a constellation. Long story short, very short: When you visit them with an issue you cannot transform on your own, you can be damn shure it will be handled with to the core. Their energies combined create a full blend of talent into psychic and healing abilities I’ve not experienced anywhere else. Worth every fucking penny.”



“Jonathan and Linde are both fantastic bodyworkers, combining technical skill with deep intuition. They will feel into where you are at in the moment and suggest interventions, drawing from a wide array of tools, including coaching and constellation work. After their sessions, I immediately feel more open, softer and more in my body. Already after very few sessions, changes were visible also to others, I was better able to connect and to take my place in daily life. Their work is an invaluable resource for taking the body along on a path of growth and authenticity.” 


“Did not come back for long, but I have to tell you that the constellation you did for me had incredible effects on my daughter!!!! Now she is a new woman, working and she seems in the right direction.”